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LiftMaster gate openers – top 5 models (reviews)

About the manufacturer

LiftMaster is an American company which has been manufacturing garage door openers, gate and commercial door operators (for example: MIGHTY MULE 502 )for over 45 years. Over the years they have built a nationwide network of authorized dealers to help the customers get the products they need backed by the LiftMaster guarantee.

Their products are made to fit any lifestyle and application and provide the latest technology, innovations in safety and security as well as connectivity and performance. They stand for quality and safety with a goal to exceed the customers’ expectations. The company is one of the leading ones in the USA in this area and has the products which will back that up.
Top 5 LiftMaster gate openers

When it comes to your home, only the best will do. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 gate openers given to you by LiftMaster.
Liftmaster LA400PKGU Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit

The LA400PKGU dual swing gate opener works on gates up to 16 ft. and up to 850 lbs in weight. It truly is modern, innovative and uses the latest technology to make your life easier.LA400PKGU Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit
You will get…?

When you buy this gate opener, you will get LA400PKGU w/ Controller, two arms, a battery backup with control board and a photocell. A very detailed manual is also included and can greatly benefit the installation process.
I present the features

Firstly, everything was made simple with the wireless dual-gate communication which eliminates expensive conduit costs. Installation and troubleshooting was made easier with a LED diagnostic display, and the unit possess a solar-ready ultra-reliable system. The gate opener itself has a bi-part delay which monitors and adjusts the speed and position of the wings in order to ensure that the primary gate closes last. Two great features are the synchronized close as well as the quick close, which closes the gate instantly after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop. Anti-Tailgate is very useful since it prevents unauthorized access. The opener is also HOMELINK compatible and offers security + 2.0 On-Board radio receiver.

And now specifications
Power: 24VDC or Solar Power. 120/230V Single Phase (Standard control box).
Accessory Power: 24VDC 500mA output. Switched and unswitched power.
Monitored Safety: 3 main board, 3 optional expansion board
Temperature Specifications: Without Heater: -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C); With Optional Heater (HTR): -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C) to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C)
Gate Travel Speed: 90-degree opening in 17-17 seconds
User review

Even though it’s expensive, this gate opener is fantastic. It works flawlessly! Simple to program, fast, quiet, wifi connected and after all that time I spent having second thoughts, I’m glad I bought it! Money well invested…

LiftMaster SL3000501U ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Openers

Highest quality components. Provides unsurpassed performance. Made for gates up to 37 feet in length and 1000 lbs.
You will get…?

Inside the box you will find the operator, the cover, 2 warning signs, the warranty, 2 keys and a LiftMaster monitored retro-reflective photoelectric sensor. The detailed manual can be found on the manufacturer website.
Let’s look at the features

This model possesses the fantastic P3 motor which meets the requirements needed to open and close your gate. Security + 2.0 technology gives you a quick access to your property and the quick-close feature makes sure that only one vehicle enters your property at a time. Unauthorized access is prevented with the anti/tailgate feature, and the simple-to-use emergency release handle allows gate to be operated manually.LiftMaster SL3000501U ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Opener
The specifications
Power: 110V Single Phase.
Accessory power: 24VDC 500mA output.
Monitored safety inputs 3 Main Board, 3 Expansion Board.
Temperature specifications:
Without heater: -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C).
With optional heater (HTRNB): -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C).
Gate travel speed: 12 in. per second.
User review

This really is a high quality product, which if you can afford you won’t regret the money spent. LiftMaster gate openers are truly exquisite and this one presents the embodiment of their products.

Liftmaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Operator

Dependable performance. Longer gate and operator life.

The LA400 is capable of operating gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds.
You will get…?

It product comes with the master arm, the slave arm, 2 remotes, 40 feet of wire for the slave unit and detailed instructions.
A bit about the features

Brilliant torque and durability is achieved with the powerful 24VDC operator system. The unit has an exceptional battery run system with DC control devices and sensing devices and the internal obstruction sensing system helps in force adjustments for all directions. It also has a bi-part latch that helps in paving way for swing gate designs, which means one wing open after closing the other wing, and an adjustable timer which can be set up to 120 seconds.
Another pretty cool option

Control inputs give you the possibility of connecting to a complete range of devices like access control systems, loop detectors, radio receivers and telephone entry systems.
User review

After a long search which lasted for weeks, I finally decided to buy precisely this product. The LiftMaster has high quality products and I decided that with them I cannot make a mistake. And the decision was right. If you are a bit handy, you will have no difficulty in installing the unit, the instructions are fantastic. After a few months it still works like a charm, I would recommend it to everyone.

LiftMaster RSW12U Residential / Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

Extraordinary performance, safety and accessibility.

Made to manage gates up to 16 feet in length or weighing up to 1.000 lbs.LiftMaster RSW12U Residential / Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator
What’s in the box?

Inside you will find the operator, the cover, arm assembly, 2 warning signs, the warranty, 2 keys, a battery 12 Vdc 7AH and a LiftMaster monitored retro-reflective photoelectric sensor. It’s a really crowded box…
I present the features

The device has a solar-ready ultra-reliable system as well as a LED diagnostic display which makes installation and troubleshooting quite simple. It also features a Battery Backup and ultra-efficient Power Management System – up to 147 cycles or up to 63 days. The powerful 12VDC motor with soft Start/Stop operation extends hardware and operator life for heavy-duty gate usage.
Unit specifications
Power: 12VDC or Solar Powered
Accessory Power: 12VDC 500mA output. Switched and unswitched power.
Monitored Safety: 3 main board, 3 optional expansion board
Temperature Specifications: Witout Heater: -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C); With Optional Heater (HTR): -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C) to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C)
Gate Travel Speed: 90-degree opening in 13-15 seconds
User review

Incredible unit. The unit is easy to set up, and even easier to handle. Most of all I like the fact that it could be charged with solar power. If you run into this unit, do not hesitate, trust me it’s the right choice.

Liftmaster / Chamberlain LA500PKG/S Dual Swing Gate Opener with LA500S

Quality. Dependability. Award-winning design.
What’s in the box?

The biggest thing in the box is most naturally the operator, followed by a standard control box with 2 batteries 12 Vdc 7AH. Then, a post bracket, a gate bracket, 2 warning signs, a warranty card and 2 keys.
A bit about the featuresLiftmaster / Chamberlain LA500PKG/S Dual Swing Gate Opener with LA500S

The LA500 swing gate operator is the most advanced residential DC swing gate operator, equipped with industry-leading features like MyQ™ and Security+ 2.0™ communications, battery backup, and a capacity to handle gates up to 18 feet and 1,600 lbs. This amazing gate opener can supply power when needed to operate the gate and conserve power when not in use. It has a quick close, anti-tailgating and bi-part delay functions and the manufacturer offers a 2 year guaranty.
The specifications
Continuous-duty motor with soft start/stop
Operator duty rating: 300 cycles per day
Power: 110V or 220V Single Phase (220V single phase requires torrid transformer kit)
Surge/spike protection
Gate travel speed: 90 degrees in 16-17 second
Construction: Full length commercial duty case aluminum housing. Control Box; High impact polycarbonate
Weight: control arm 25 lbs. control box 20 lbs.
User review

In short I will just say that this is the queen of gate openers, worthy of your money and attention.

To conclude

I hope that this short reviews have been helpful, and that they have successfully led you into the magical world of LiftMaster high quality gate openers. When it comes to this manufacturer, know that there is no need for doubt.

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